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Lukirch® Portable LED Face Mask 4 Colors Light Therapy Facial Photon Beauty Device


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Beauty LED mask - Infrared light therapy led facial light Photons Facial Skin Care
4 Colors: Red | Infrared | Blue| Yellow
for Facial Rejuvenation, Wrinkles Reduction, Anti-Aging

wrinkle clearing light therapy face & neck mask

A science-backed and aesthetically-approved Face & Neck mask employing LED light therapy to diminish wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots in just 15 minutes daily.

Protect your unique features from the impacts of aging and sun exposure with Lukirch's advanced light therapy. Harness professional-grade technology at home to tackle visible signs of aging and damaged skin.


➤ Stimulate collagen production, promoting firmer and more youthful-looking skin.

➤ Refine skin texture and tone, revealing a natural glow.

➤ Embrace a non-invasive and natural skincare option.

➤ Reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

➤ Reduces the appearance of pigmentation and redness.

➤ Complement and enhance in-clinic treatments.

All natural. No pain, side effects, or downtime


beauty led light therapy mask devices

Key Features:

Near-Infrared Enhancement: Specially integrated near-infrared targets deeper fibroblast cells, stimulating the production of new collagen and elastin. This aids in skin repair, resulting in plumper, firmer, and more youthful-looking skin.

Silicone Mask Technology: The silicone mask, combined with natural light waves and infrared light, comprehensively addresses various skin problems. It promotes collagen regeneration, enhances elasticity, and combats fine lines.

Waterproof and Easy to Clean: After use, it can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth or rinsed, thanks to its excellent sealing, making cleaning a breeze.

3D Face Care: Equipped with 240 lamp beads, the device fully covers your face, providing a comprehensive skincare effect.

UV Free : The LEDs used in these red light therapy shoes are free from UV light and do not emit any potentially harmful UV rays.
Longer LED Life: The LEDs used in these red infrared light therapy shoes have a life expectancy of over 100,000 hours, meaning you won’t have to replace them for many years to come.

Multi-Wavelength Light Therapy: Utilizes 3+1 kinds of light waves in a staggered skincare approach. Different LED light wavelengths work to repair the skin from the inside out, combating acne, clearing the skin, and minimizing pores to enhance radiance.

Lightweight and Ergonomic Design: Crafted from soft silicone, the mask ensures a comfortable fit for all face sizes, with no irritation or missed areas. It can be easily folded and carried, offering a hands-free experience. Note: Avoid folding directly in half to prevent wire plate fracture.

Intuitive and User-Friendly Design:

➤ Eye Mask Design: Protects your eyes while providing clear vision.

➤ Adjustable Binding: Soft and comfortable infinite binding for a customizable fit.

➤ Display Function: Intuitively displays timing, energy, infrared light, and LED color.

➤ Built-in Battery Design: With a 2200mAh battery capacity, the device can be charged in 1-2 hours and provides 10-30 minutes of use.



Blue: 460nm | Yellow: 590nm | Red: 630nm | Infrared: 850nm

Extensive research has uncovered the remarkable effects of 460nm 590nm 630nm 850nm wavelengths on cellular functions in the human body. These wavelengths are revered as the light of life" in the world of human wellness.

➤ 460nm Blue: Blue light therapy has been shown to effectively treat acne by targeting the bacteria (Propionibacterium acnes) that contribute to breakouts. The blue light at 460nm wavelength penetrates the skin and helps to eliminate these bacteria, leading to reduced inflammation and improved acne symptoms. And blue light therapy can help regulate the activity of sebaceous glands, which are responsible for producing skin oils. By controlling sebum production, blue light therapy can contribute to managing oily skin and preventing clogged pores that lead to acne.

➤ 590nm: 590nm-balance skin texture, stimulate red blood cells to reduce redness and fine lines.

➤ 630nm: Revitalize Your Skin - Promotes collagen production, reduces fine lines, and enhances skin elasticity for a radiant and youthful complexion.

➤ 850nm: Deep Tissue Relief - Penetrates deep into muscles, joints, and even the brain, offering relief from muscle aches, nerve injuries, and joint discomfort.


portable led face therapy mask 4 colors

Why Choose Us?

The Lukirch Face and Neck mask stands out as the market's leading flexible LED device, boasting unparalleled power. With 240 + 240 medical-grade LEDs and carefully calibrated wavelengths of blue, yellow, red, and near-infrared light, the mask is crafted using Lukirch's exclusive gold-standard medical device technology. This ensures that you achieve dermatologist-level results conveniently from the comfort of your own home.

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FDA Approved: Our products are FDA approved, ensuring they meet the highest standards of safety and effectiveness, providing you with peace of mind.

Medical-grade LED Light: Experience the power of medical-grade LED light therapy, backed by the latest research and technology, offering you the best in healing and wellness.

Choose us for the best in quality, convenience, and effectiveness. Illuminate your health and embrace a brighter, healthier future with our cutting-edge products. 



How to Use:

1. Clean & dry skin.

2. Connect face or neck masks with the control.

3. Long press power key to turn on.

4. Adjust color/intensity/working time.

5. Enjoy skin care.

Tip: 1. Recommended working time: 15-30 minutes.

2. Face mask can be used & adjusted at the same time.

3. It is suggested to use facial mask, essence, or lotion before applying the product, which can maximize their absorption.

4. To relax the whole body, you can lie in bed or sofa during operation.

5. Near infrared rays are not visible to the naked eye.


Item type: Silicone LED Light Therapy Mask

Material: Silicone

Working voltage: 100-240V

Output power: DC5V-0.3A

Input frequency: 0.3A 50-60Hz

Using temperature: 0-40℃

Timing length: 10-30 minutes

Light: Face 240 LEDs

Color & Wavelength:: Blue light 460nm, yellow light 590nm, red light 630nm, infrared light 850nm

Battery capacity: 2200mAh

Charging time: 1-2 hours

Using time: 10-30 minutes

Size: Mask 31*19.7cm/12.2*7.8in

Mask weight: About 260g

What is included:

1 * Face mask (No Neck)

2 * Eye patch

2 * Fixing band

1 * Manual

1 * Storage bag

1 * Charging cable

1 * Controller

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Lukirch® Portable LED Face Mask 4 Colors Light Therapy Facial Photon Beauty Device