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Lukirch® Blue + Red + Infrared Light Therapy Device 470nm 660nm 850nm (3 in 1) for Face Beauty and Body Pain Relief


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Lukirch® FDA-Cleared Blue Red & Infrared Light Therapy Belts
 200 LEDs | 470nm 660nm 850nm 


red light therapy pad for facial beauty


Experience the power of FDA-Cleared Blue Red & Infrared Light Therapy Device with 470nm, 660nm, and 850nm wavelengths. This multifunctional system offers a wide range of benefits, including pain relief, enhanced facial beauty, newborn jaundice treatment, acne therapy, and hair regrowth promotion.

With 200 medical-grade infrared lights, our device provides comprehensive coverage for various body areas such as the face, head, back, and joints. Experience the soothing effects of improved blood circulation, muscle relaxation, accelerated healing, and pain reduction.

Say goodbye to discomfort and embrace a rejuvenated appearance with clearer skin and revitalized hair growth. Trust in our FDA-Cleared technology for safe and effective treatments, bringing relief and healing right to your home.

Key Features: 

1. Versatile Solution--- With the included pair of brackets, you can conveniently target facial beauty treatments, ensuring a radiant and rejuvenated appearance. And that's not all! The device also comes with a handy strap, allowing you to easily use it for pain relief on various areas of your body..

2. Power Boost with 10Hz Pulsed Function --- Unlock the secrets of rapid recovery with our 10Hz pulsed function, giving an instant power boost of 2-3 times to your body's natural healing process..

3. 470nm 660nm 850nm for Enhanced Therapy --- The 470nm blue wavelength is specially designed to address acne and jaundice inflammation, providing effective relief for these conditions. Meanwhile, the 660nm and 850nm wavelengths work harmoniously to enhance facial beauty and promote pain relief. Unlock the secrets of these wavelengths to rejuvenate your skin and ease discomfort.

4. Safe & Smart Timer Function --- For your safety and optimal results, each therapy session is automatically timed to 15 minutes. Remember to avoid exceeding 45 minutes of use per session, and take a cooling break and hydrate before the next application.

5. High Irradiance, EMF & UV Free --- Embrace the benefits of high irradiance (0 cm :120mW / c㎡) without any worries about harmful EMFs or UV rays. Our devices are thoughtfully designed with your safety and well-being as a top priority.

6. Long-Lasting LEDs for Peace of Mind --- Rest assured, the LEDs in our red light therapy pad have an impressive lifespan of over 100,000 hours. With such durability, you won't need to worry about replacements for many years to come, making it a reliable investment in your well-being.

Embrace the cutting-edge technology trusted by leading doctors, physical therapists, and trainers, just like what pro athletes rely on. Now you can enjoy the same benefits at home, without the hefty price tag.


Extensive research has uncovered the remarkable effects of 470nm 660nm 850nm, wavelengths on cellular functions in the human body. These wavelengths are revered as the "light of life" in the world of human wellness. 

red blue infrared light therapy pad for face beauty and body pain relief470nm & 660nm 850nm Light Therapy Device

🔅 Blue Light Therapy 470nm: Solve skin problems - Blue light at 470nm has been proven to combat acne-causing bacteria, helps soothe inflammation and reducing the occurrence of breakouts and promoting clearer skin.

Acne Treatment: Targets and eliminates acne-causing bacteria (Propionibacterium acnes), reducing breakouts and preventing future blemishes.

Controls Sebum Production: Regulates the activity of sebaceous glands, helping to manage oily skin and prevent clogged pores.

Anti-Inflammatory Effects: Exhibits anti-inflammatory properties, contributing to a calmer complexion.

🔅 Red Light Therapy 660nm: Accelerate Healing - Targets surface tissues and helps to soothe pain, reduce inflammation, and promote tissue repair for faster recovery.

Stimulates Collagen Production:  Enhances the production of collagen, promoting skin elasticity and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Improves Wound Healing: Accelerates the healing process by boosting cellular regeneration and tissue repair.

Reduces Inflammation:Alleviates inflammation and redness, making it beneficial for conditions like rosacea and acne.

Enhances Circulation: Improves blood flow, contributing to a healthier complexion and overall skin vitality.

🔅 Infrared Light Therapy 850nm: Deep Tissue Relief - Penetrates deep into muscles, joints, and even the brain, offering relief from muscle aches, nerve injuries, and joint discomfort.

Deep Tissue Penetration: Penetrates deeper into the skin and tissues, promoting cellular repair and reducing muscle and joint pain.

Muscle Recovery: Aids in muscle recovery by reducing inflammation and enhancing blood circulation.

Pain Relief: Provides relief from pain associated with conditions like arthritis and chronic pain.

Wound Healing: Facilitates faster healing of wounds and injuries through enhanced cellular activity.

🔅Combined Benefits: Suitable for addressing both facial skincare needs and broader body-related concerns.

Holistic Skin Rejuvenation: The combination of red, blue, and infrared light therapy offers a holistic approach to skin rejuvenation, addressing various concerns simultaneously.

Versatile for Face and Body: Suitable for addressing both facial skincare needs and broader body-related concerns.


blue-light phototherapy-belt-for-face


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Choose us for the best in quality, convenience, and effectiveness. Illuminate your health and embrace a brighter, healthier future with our cutting-edge products. 


User Instruction:

1). Plug into the AC socket and switch on then all LEDs on.
2). Distance : 0 inch for best results , place to anywhere you suffer the joints pain .
3). Select options :

When press at a quick time :

1. Press the button , All on .
2. Press again, only red led on
3. Press again, only near infrared led on
4. Press again, all LEDs off.

When press more than 3 seconds :

1. Press the button , all LEDs come to pulse mode at 10 Hz .
2. Press again , red LEDs only come to pulse mode at 10 Hz.
3. Press again , near infrared only come to pulse model at 10 Hz.
4. Press again , then all led diodes off .

Usage Frequency :

Use device daily 1-2 times and last for at least 4 weeks , and each time suggest 20-30 minutes on one
treatment area . Then move device to next treatment area.

red light therapy pad for face beautySpecification:

Product Name: Blue Red Light Therapy Belt

Wavelength: 470nm: 660nm : 850nm = 1:1:1

LED Q'ty: 200 PCS 0.5W

Pulse: 10 Hz

EMF:  0 Inch : 0 u t

Irradiance:  0 Inch > 120 mW/c㎡

Materials: SBR

Timer: 15 Min

Power: 35W

Size: 19.1*19.1*0.2 inch


What is included:

1 * Light Therapy

1 * Adapter

1 pair of Stand

1 * Stretchy Band

1 * Instruction




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Lukirch® Blue + Red + Infrared Light Therapy Device 470nm 660nm 850nm (3 in 1) for Face Beauty and Body Pain Relief

Lukirch® Blue + Red + Infrared Light Therapy Device 470nm 660nm 850nm (3 in 1) for Face Beauty and Body Pain Relief