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1500W Full Body LED Red Light Therapy Device, 660nm 850nm Near Infrared Therapy with Low EMF Output


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Lukirch 1500w Led Body Light Therapy 660nm 850nm 


Lukirch 1500w high power Red light therapy panel for sports, pain relief


Introducing the Lukirch 1500W LED Red Therapy Light Panel: Experience Complete Full Body Skin and Tissue Therapy!

Designed with 300pcs of 5W High Power LED Chips, the Lukirch 1500W LED Red Therapy Light Panel offers high-powered red and near infrared light therapy for your entire body. Enjoy affordable and effective light therapy in the comfort of your home, saving time and money. Treat large areas at once for enhanced energy, workout recovery, wound healing, potential hair regrowth, pain relief, and more. Suitable for various settings including gyms, beauty salons, and homes. With clinically proven wavelengths, a powerful irradiance, and durable heat dissipating fans, this device delivers exceptional performance and longevity.

Unlock the benefits of the Lukirch 1500W LED Red Therapy Light Panel for comprehensive full body therapy, saving you time and providing remarkable results.

⌲ Power: 1500w (300x5w)

⌲ Size: 91*30*7 cm

⌲ Spectrum: 660nm & 850nm

⌲ Led: 300pcs double chip led

⌲ New weight: 8.6 kgs

⌲ Beam angle: 60 degree

⌲ Voltage: AC85-265V

⌲ Power density: 145mw/cm2 @ 3 inch

                              115mw/cm2 @ 6 inch

                              85mw/cm2 @ 12 inch

⌲ Timer control: 5/10/15/20/25/30mins 

Advantage of 1500W red NIR light therapy

High power output or irradiance, low EMF output, customized light therapy, and an included door hanging kit and manual are some of the features included with the Lukirch 1500W Red and Near Infrared Light Therapy device!

(High Power Output or Irradiance of >100mW/cm2) / Wavelengths of 660nm Red and 850nm Near Infrared

high power density of 1500w red body therapy light⌲ Dual switches separately control the RED 660nm and NIR 850nm.

⌲ High power output (irradiance) > 100wm/cm2 for efficient treatment times

⌲ Low EMF rating of 0.0 uT and 0 V/M at 6 inch distance, shielded power cord, safe for EMF sensitive individuals

⌲ Can be used for targeted treatments or broad half body coverage depending on distance from device 

⌲ Included door hanging kit for easy use and storage

⌲ Can be used for a variety of general health and wellness goals, including but not limited to increased muscle recovery, improved growth of hair, increased collagen production for skin and joint health, increased cellular energy, and decreased inflammation.

⌲ 4x high speed whisper quiet fans plus ALL NEW upgraded aluminum cooling heat sinks keep the light cooling. With a lifespan more than 50000hrs

⌲ Further focus the light with the 60 degree glass lens, make the light 100% working on the human body.

⌲ Uninterrupted heat sink holes on the house casing is better for heat dissipation.

⌲ Memory Function: you can set your own memory model, when you turn on your light therapy panel, it will start count down with the time you set.

Clinically Proven Wavelengths of 660nm & 850nm

Effective red and near infrared light therapy requires very specific wavelengths of light, specifically 660 nanometers which is red light and 850 nanometers which is near infrared light. Studies have shown these two specific wavelengths to have the greatest biological impact on the cells of the human body. Red light is best for superficial skin treatments, as it does not have the ability to penetrate quite as deeply as near infrared light. Near infrared light is best for treating deep tissues such as joints, muscles, and organs.

1500w red infrared therapy lamp

Red Light 660 Nanometers:

This specific wavelength is absorbed at a higher proportion by the skin tissue, making it especially effective for boosting skin health and increasing collagen production.

Near Infrared Light at 850 Nanometers:

This wavelength is actually outside of the visual spectrum, so it may appear as if the NIR lights are not working, but they just can't been seen by the naked eye. Near infrared light has a particularly strong ability to penetrate deeper into the tissue, organs, and joints, making it ideal for enhancing muscle recovery and reducing joint pain.

Red light therapy benefits

The device use dual chip 660nm red combo with 850nm infrared led which is chosen to give the ideal light for beauty and health purpose.
Benefits show as below :

1. Skin rejuvenation like increasing collagen ; wrinkles and fine lines ; tightening and firming ; anti- aging .

2. Red Light Therapy for skin problems like burns , acne scars etc.

3. Red Light Therapy for pain relief like muscle related back pain and sports injuries.

Suitable to use on any area of the body

- Anything in the first couple of inches of skin can be affected by this light, making it suitable for hair re-growth, acne, eczema, wounds, bruises, sunburn, joint-pain, wrinkle prevention. Suitable to use on any area of the body.

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lukirch 1500 watt red infrared light therapy devices is hung on the wall for pain relief of full body

1500W Full Body LED Red Light Therapy Device, 660nm 850nm Near Infrared Therapy with Low EMF Output