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2024 New Red & Infrared Light Therapy Helmet Cap for Hair Regrow and Brain Health 630nm, 850nm & 940nm


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 New Red & Infrared Light Phototherapy LED Helmet
630nm, 850nm & 940nm
to Stimulate Hair Regrow and Brain Health


lukirch red light therapy hat with 90 days money back warranty


Our advanced system combines 210pcs of 3-chip LED lights, including 210pcs of 630nm, 210pcs of 850nm, and 210 of 940nm LED chips. It is good for hair regrowth, brain health, memory improvement and headache pain relief.

Both red and infrared light therapy are known for their lack of serious side effects. This painless and safe treatment is easily accessible for anyone seeking hair regrowth solutions. ith consistent use of red light therapy, hair regrowth can be seen within 12 to 26 weeks. Experience reduced hair loss and noticeable improvement in the growth of head hair.

Red light therapy stimulates cellular activity in the brain by promoting mitochondrial function. Mitochondria are the powerhouse of cells and play a crucial role in energy production. Enhanced cellular activity can support overall brain health, including cognitive function and mental clarity. 

lukirch head red light therapy helmet for hair loss regrowth and head brain health


⌲Light source: Epistar LED

⌲LED number: 210PCS 0.5W

⌲Actual power: 20W, 30W or 38W + - 5% (Dimming)

⌲Wavelength: 630nm:850nm:940nm=1:1:1

⌲Material: SBR

⌲Beam angle: 120 degree

⌲Irradiance :
0 cm :127.8mW / c㎡

⌲Diameter: 25cm

⌲Timer: 15 min

⌲EMF: 0 UT at surface

Advantage of this new brain red led NIR light therapy helmet 
As a professional factory, we have advantage on price and quality control. We have +5 years experience of therapy light.


brain red infrared light therapy for growth of hairUpgraded New Red Light Therapy Pad

Each light diode combine with 1x 630nm + 1x 850nm + 1x 940nm, in this way, we can mix the light more even and make a more better lighting effect on your hair growth. Separately Switch control 630nm, 850nm, 940nm design, also can lighting at the same time, you can choose your right does.

⌲ 10Hz Pulsed red therapy light device

 It has been discovered that when LED lights are pulsed, body tissue can heal more rapidly. Pulse function, increase power, instant 2-3 times power output.

Flexible, Water-resistant Cap

It can be used by man and woman very comfortable and easily!)

Auto shut-off timer(10 minutes)

Do not exceed 30 minutes of use in one therapy session, cool your body and have some water before next applying. Wide voltage AC 100 - 240V, DC 12V. 


• Improves regrowth of hair
• Good for Parkinson Alzheimers
• Improves memory
• Improves sensation
• Speeds wound healing
• Enhances blood circulation
• Decreases pain
• Decreases burning sensations
• Decreases swelling and edema
• Decreases numbness and tingling


⚡︎Anyone who is looking for an instant solution to grow back hair overnight (remember: this process takes time and patience) 

⚡︎Anyone who is bald or has been bald for years (this is often a sign that the follicles are no longer alive) 

⚡︎Anyone who not willing to invest time & effort in regrowing his/her hair


✔︎Anyone who wants to grow thicker, fuller, and healthier-looking hair 

✔︎Anyone who is willing to invest the time to be consistent with the every other day treatments to regrow his/her hair back 

✔︎Anyone who is using other hair growth products and wants to achieve better results

Q & A

210 led red infrared light therapy device cap hat for parkinson alzheimer's treatment and hair regrowth, memory improvement
1)Will Red Light Therapy Work for All Types or Causes of Hair Loss?

Depending on the cause of hair loss, the mode of treatment will vary as well. No known therapy will work for all forms of hair loss, as there is no one-size fits all treatment for it. For example, if you are having hair loss because of a certain medication, you will not stop losing your hair unless you stop using that specific medication. Moreover, the earlier a treatment is started, the better the chances of success through its use.

There isn’t much that can be done to resurrect a hair follicle once it has died, much like when brain cells die. Therefore, it is suggested that when using any treatment for hair loss, beginning early will be critical to optimal success. The primary target of Low-Level Laser Therapy and red light hair loss therapies are people who have temporarily lost their hair due to issues such as emotional and physical stress, medication side effects, or other conditions, such as male pattern baldness or menopause.

2)How Fast Can You See Results?

Wait 6 to 8 months to see significant results. This is not an overnight process. Although hair cells typically divide and generate fast, it will not be an overnight process. Stop stressing out and let your body do its work. You did not lose your hair overnight, it is not going to grow back overnight either. Although, what it might do overnight is stop falling out, which is a great start.

3) How Long Do I Need to Bask Under the Red Light?

This will depend on the type of device you use. Longer treatment times do not necessarily mean it will yield better results. You do not need to spend an hour or so under the light in the hopes that your hair will grow faster.

Mild: 1x/day for one session
Moderate: 2x/day for one session
Severe: 3x/day for one session

LED light therapy devices - research & current use
Research is showing that near-infrared (NIR) and red light applied through the skull to the brain has numerous positive effects. The effects include increased cerebral blood flow, increased (ATP) energy production, increased neuroprotection and brain repair, and reduced inflammation. A 2019 study found that using light therapy applied to the head has a positive effect on brain wave patterns in just one treatment; read more about the study here.

A series of case studies and small clinical trials have shown light therapy to be helpful for persistent post-concussion symptoms. 

LED light therapy, particularly in the context of mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI), involves using specific wavelengths of light to target cellular processes in the brain. Here's the science behind LED light therapy for mTBI:

Mitochondrial Function: One of the key mechanisms is the stimulation of mitochondrial function. Mitochondria are the energy producers of cells, including brain cells. LED light therapy, especially in the red and near-infrared spectrum (around 630nm to 850nm), can enhance mitochondrial activity. This boost in energy production aids in cellular repair and regeneration, crucial for recovering from brain injuries.

Neuroprotection: LED light therapy has been found to have neuroprotective effects. It can help protect brain cells from further damage following an injury. This neuroprotection is thought to occur through various pathways, including reducing oxidative stress, inflammation, and apoptosis (cell death).

Increased Blood Flow: LED light therapy promotes vasodilation and increases blood flow in the brain. This improved circulation enhances the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to brain cells, supporting their recovery and overall function.

Anti-Inflammatory Effects: Inflammation plays a significant role in the secondary injury process after mTBI. LED light therapy has anti-inflammatory properties, helping to reduce inflammation in the brain tissue. This can contribute to a lessening of symptoms and faster recovery.

Neuroplasticity: LED light therapy may also promote neuroplasticity, which is the brain's ability to reorganize and form new neural connections. This can aid in restoring cognitive function, memory, and other neurological processes affected by mTBI.

Research in this area is ongoing, with studies showing promising results regarding the effectiveness of LED light therapy for mTBI. However, it's essential to note that while LED light therapy is generally considered safe, individual responses may vary. Consulting with a healthcare professional experienced in light therapy and brain injuries is recommended for personalized treatment plans.

For more information on benefits of Red light therapy, please read our blog here
Interesting further reading: the benefits of Blue light therapy (blog here)

hair regrow device 630nm 850nm 940nm  red infrared light therapy helmet for brain health

2024 New Red & Infrared Light Therapy Helmet Cap for Hair Regrow and Brain Health 630nm, 850nm & 940nm