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300W Red Light Therapy Device by Lukirch, 660nm 850nm, 60 Dual Chip LEDs, Built-in Stand


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RED & Infrared Body Therapy Light 660nm 850nm (New Timer Design) 

Introducing the Lukirch 300W Red Light Therapy Device with New Timer Design, a powerful and targeted solution for red and near infrared light therapy. With 60 individual dual chip LEDs emitting red and near infrared light in a 1:1 ratio, this panel offers effective skin care treatment in the comfort of your own home. The built-in timer and stand make it convenient for desk or table top use, measuring 14.96 inch x 8.7 inch x 2.6 inch. The device also includes a cooling fan for heat dissipation, ensuring safety and optimal performance.

Experience the potential benefits of red light therapy as an alternative to physician-administered laser therapy. While research on the subject is ongoing, studies suggest that concentrated red light stimulates collagen generation in cells, making it potentially beneficial for acne, rosacea, and wrinkle reduction. Unleash the power of red and near infrared light for your skin care needs with Lukirch's innovative therapy device.

lukirch latest 300w red infrared light tehrapy panel for pain relief with timerSpecification:
⌲ Power: 60x5W  

⌲ Size: 38x22x6.5 cm

⌲ Spectrum: 100% 660nm & 100% 850nm

⌲ Led: 60pcs dual chip 5W LED

⌲ New weight: 3.8 kgs

⌲ Beam angle: 30 degree

⌲ Voltage: AC85-265V

⌲ Power density: 99mw/cm2 @ 3 inch

                              68mw/cm2 @ 6 inch

                              47mw/cm2 @ 12 inch

Advantage of 300W red NIR light therapy

300w 660nm 850nm red light therapy panel for painDual Chip Design

What is Dual Chip Design? what's the different with other light on the market? 

The Dual Chip Design of our red light therapy panel is a cutting-edge feature that sets it apart from conventional devices. This innovative design incorporates two types of LEDs in a single panel: red light LEDs with a wavelength of 660nm and near infrared (NIR) LEDs with a wavelength of 850nm.

The combination of red light and near infrared light provides a comprehensive and synergistic therapy experience. The red light at 660nm is known for its superficial skin benefits, promoting collagen synthesis, reducing fine lines, and improving overall skin texture. On the other hand, the near infrared light at 850nm penetrates deeper into the tissues, reaching muscles, joints, and even the brain. This deeper penetration allows for effective pain relief, muscle recovery, and cellular rejuvenation.

With the Dual Chip Design, you get the best of both worlds in a single device, making it highly efficient and versatile. Experience the power of dual wavelengths in one therapy panel and discover a new level of effectiveness and convenience in your red light therapy sessions.

New Timer Design

With a built-in timer, which allowed you to select the timing in 5, 10, 15, 20 or 30 mins.

660nm & 850nm

660nm – 100% –Deep Red
850 nm – 100% – Near-Infrared

High power density

Consumption: 300w
100 mW/cm² @ 3inch
73 mW/cm² @ 6inch
41 mW/cm² @ 12inch
1pcs high speed whisper quiet fan
plus ALL NEW upgraded aluminum cooling heat sinks keep the light cooling. With a lifespan more than 50000hrs
Clinically Proven Wavelengths of 660nm & 850nm

Effective red and near infrared light therapy requires very specific wavelengths of light, specifically 660 nanometers which is red light and 850 nanometers which is near infrared light. Studies have shown these two specific wavelengths to have the greatest biological impact on the cells of the human body. Red light is best for superficial skin treatments, as it does not have the ability to penetrate quite as deeply as near infrared light. Near infrared light is best for treating deep tissues such as joints, muscles, and organs.

Red Light 660 Nanometers:

This specific wavelength is absorbed at a higher proportion by the skin tissue, making it especially effective for boosting skin health and increasing collagen production.

Near Infrared Light at 850 Nanometers:

This wavelength is actually outside of the visual spectrum, so it may appear as if the NIR lights are not working, but they just can't been seen by the naked eye. Near infrared light has a particularly strong ability to penetrate deeper into the tissue, organs, and joints, making it ideal for enhancing muscle recovery and reducing joint pain.

Red light therapy benefits

The device use dual chip 660nm red combo with 850nm infrared led which is chosen to give the ideal light for beauty and health purpose.

Benefits show as below :

Energy Boosting: Just a few minutes of light therapy will improve your sleep quality, giving you more energy when you need it most. 

Vibrant Skin: Light therapy increase collagen production for more vibrant and youthful skin. Improve your skin texture. 

Workout & Recovery Support: The precise, clinically proven red and near-infrared wavelengths boost and enhance workout recovery. This leads to better performance in and out of the gym. 

Slows Down Aging: The Lukirch red infrared therapy light counters aging by aiding in hair regrowth, better cellular health, and hormone optimization. It's time to feel younger and better than ever.

1. Skin rejuvenation like increasing collagen ; wrinkles and fine lines ; tightening and firming ; anti- aging .

2. Red Light Therapy for skin problems like burns , acne scars etc.

3. Red Light Therapy for pain relief like muscle related back pain and sports injuries.

Versatility is the hallmark of our Red Light Therapy Device, making it suitable for a wide range of applications on the body. With its ability to penetrate the first couple of inches of skin, this device can effectively address various concerns such as hair regrowth, acne, eczema, wound healing, bruising, sunburn relief, joint pain management, and even wrinkle prevention. Its efficacy extends to any area of the body, ensuring comprehensive treatment for your well-being.

But that's not all – our Red Light Therapy Device isn't just limited to humans. It is also a great option for treating animals, including our beloved furry friends like cats and dogs. Yes, that's right – your furry family members can also benefit from the natural and non-invasive healing power of Red Light Therapy.

Veterinarians have been employing Low-Level Laser Treatment (LLLT) for years to address various conditions in animals, including dogs, horses, and other species. Recent research has shown that LEDs, like the ones in our device, can be just as effective as lasers, delivering the same beneficial wavelengths and intensity of light photons. This means that our Red Light Therapy Device offers an economical and practical solution for in-home usage, reaching a wider audience and providing healing benefits for pets as well.

Whether it's for you or your beloved animals, our Red Light Therapy Device is a versatile and powerful tool to unlock the healing potential of light. Experience the benefits of this natural and chemical-free therapy, enhancing your well-being and that of your cherished furry companions.



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300W Red Light Therapy Device by Lukirch, 660nm 850nm, 60 Dual Chip LEDs, Built-in Stand

300W Red Light Therapy Device by Lukirch, 660nm 850nm, 60 Dual Chip LEDs, Built-in Stand