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Lukirch Red & Infrared Light Therapy Belt Wrap Pad for Boot Waist Back Shoulder


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Lukirch Pulse Infrared Red Light Therapy Device Belt 

660nm 850nm infrared light therapy boot for diabetes and neuropathy

This infrared lights system combines 180 medical-grade infrared & red light to largely function as a therapy wrap, with the wider lights covering the whole area on your foot back, neck, hip, and shoulder. Physical treatment ensures safe blood circulation stimulation, muscles relax, healing accelerate, and pain relief.

This Therapy Wrap works to provide relaxation to muscles and relieves muscle spasms with Medical-grade LED lights reaching deep into muscle and soft tissue. It can relax joints, reduce pain and increase local blood circulation which benefits to safe therapy for many situations.

red infrared light therapy boot


⌲Light source: Epistar LED

⌲LED number: 180PCS 0.5W

⌲Actual power: 38W + - 5%

⌲Wavelength: 660nm:850nm=1:2

⌲Material: SBR

⌲Beam angle: 120 degree

⌲Irradiance :
0 cm :127.8mW / c㎡

⌲Gross weight: 1.98kgs

⌲Size: 80*16*0.6 cm

Advantage of this red led NIR light therapy boot 
As a professional factory, we have advantage on price and quality control. We have +5 years experience of therapy light.

infrared red light therapy device boot spaUpgraded New Red Light Therapy Pad

Each light diode combine with 1x 660nm + 2x 850nm, in this way, we can mix the light more even and make a more better lighting effect on your body. Separately Switch control 660nm and 850nm design, also can lighting at the same time, you can choose your right does.

1 or 2pcs Therapy Pad for selection easily 

The two pads will connect with one power cord and one adapter with the DC port as you see from the photo.
⌲ 31.5” x 6.3” Large treatment area & Powerful led lights

Making treatment time dramatically shorter & total 180 pcs 660nm red led chips and 360pcs deep penetrating infrared lights led chips, penetrate deeply in the tissues. The infrared light therapy system is wearable and consists of a 15.7″ x 9″ x 0.24″ flexible pad embedded with 180pcs 3 in 1 LED diodes (one diodes includes 1pcs 660nm chip + 2pcs 850nm chips)

⌲ 10Hz Pulsed red therapy belt device

It has been discovered that when LED lights are pulsed, body tissue can heal more rapidly. Pulse function, increase power, instant 2-3 times power output.

⌲ Auto shut-off timer(20 minutes)

Do not exceed 40 minutes of use in one therapy session, cool your body and have some water before next applying. Wide voltage AC 100 - 240 V, DC 12 V. Apply pain relief when you are on business trip. 15 Ft power cord is long enough in the range of your activity.

⌲ Doctor-recommended & used by health professionals

This led therapy utilizes the state of the art technology used on Pro Athletes by today's leading Doctors, Physical Therapists and Trainers. It’s been tested in the real life by several athletes and the aged. Now you can successfully apply to ease painful joints and muscles at home for a fraction of the cost.

Foldable, soft and comfortable use

Flexible & hands-free operation in office or at home. The product comes with a soft sbr pad with 3 velcro straps, this flexible portable system can be used anywhere on the body.

⌲ Benefits

• Improves muscle and joint pain
• Speeds wound healing
• Enhances blood circulation
• Decreases pain
• Decreases burning sensations
• Decreases swelling and edema
• Decreases numbness and tingling
• Improves sensation

User Instructions
infrared red light therapy device boot waist1). Plug into the AC socket and switch on then all LEDs on.
2). Distance : 0 inch for best results , place to anywhere you suffer the joints pain .
3). Select options :

When press at a quick time :

1. Press the button , All on .
2. Press again, only red led on
3. Press again, only near infrared led on
4. Press again, all LEDs off.

When press more than 3 seconds :

1. Press the button , all LEDs come to pulse mode at 10 Hz .
2. Press again , red LEDs only come to pulse mode at 10 Hz.
3. Press again , near infrared only come to pulse model at 10 Hz.
4. Press again , then all led diodes off .

Usage Frequency :

Use device daily 1-2 times and last for at least 4 weeks , and each time suggest 20-30 minutes on one
treatment area . Then move device to next treatment area.

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lukirch red infrared led light therapy belts with 180 leds, 660nm & 850nm includes 3pcs stretchy bands, adapter, USB cable

Lukirch Red & Infrared Light Therapy Belt Wrap Pad for Boot Waist Back Shoulder