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1080P HD Intraoral Camera Dental Camera, 6 LED Light WiFi Oral Camera Endoscope, Photo Snap and Video Recording, Compatible with Android and IOS, for Adults Kids Pets FHD

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Wireless Dental IntraOral Camera HD 1080P WIFI Oral Endoscope




The intraoral camera is an incredible tool for dental professionals to examine various angles inside the mouth, providing insights that were not easily accessible in the past.

By displaying the entire mouth on a monitor, the camera allows for a closer examination of any potential issues or concerns that may arise. Furthermore, patients have the unique opportunity to witness the same images as the dental professional, enhancing their understanding and engagement in their own oral health.

The utilization of digital images captured by the intraoral camera also proves valuable when seeking approval for dental procedures from insurance companies. These images serve as compelling evidence for the necessity of specific treatments.

dental intraoral camera at homeKey Benefits and Applications of Intraoral Cameras:

  • Diagnosing early stages of oral pathology: The ability to detect various oral conditions in their earliest forms benefits both patients and dental professionals. Early diagnosis enables less invasive interventions, such as remineralization therapy or preventive resin restoration.
  • Patient engagement and motivation: Pairing advanced diagnostics with the visual representation of oral health conditions creates a sense of urgency for patients to pursue minimally invasive treatments. Early detection serves as a compelling call to action for both dentists and patients.
  • Locating and assessing potential problems: Intraoral cameras are invaluable tools for locating and quantifying issues within the gingival tissues, identifying early-stage pathology, detecting small oral lesions, and assessing the condition of teeth.
  • Enhancing patient involvement: To ensure patient understanding and consent to treatment, the emotional engagement fostered by intraoral cameras proves highly effective. Among various options for lesion detection and intraoral imaging, intraoral cameras stand out as the optimal choice.
  • Detailed imaging capabilities: Intraoral cameras allow for capturing full arches, individual teeth, and fine details on tooth surfaces.
  • User-friendly: Intraoral cameras are designed for ease of use, making the process straightforward and efficient.
  • Early detection of oral health problems: The early identification of oral health issues enables timely intervention and improves overall outcomes.
  • Strengthened patient-doctor relationship: The utilization of intraoral cameras enhances communication between dental professionals and patients, fostering trust and strengthening the relationship.
  • Valuable for future case documentation: Intraoral camera images serve as essential documentation for future reference and tracking of treatment progress.
  • Enhances the credibility of dental professionals: The use of advanced technology like intraoral cameras elevates the credibility and professionalism of dental practitioners.
  • Facilitates insurance claims: The visual evidence provided by intraoral camera images significantly improves the accuracy and efficiency of insurance claims.

Overall, the intraoral camera has revolutionized dental examinations by enabling detailed visualization, patient engagement, early detection, and effective communication between dental professionals and patients.



oral hd camera rechargeableDiscover the Exceptional Features of the Lukirch Intraoral Camera:

♡ Crystal-clear HD Images and Videos: Capture the finest details with the 1080P HD camera, ensuring sharp images and real-time video of the entire process.

♡ Wireless Connectivity to Mobile Phones: Seamlessly connect the Intraoral Camera to your cellphone via the dedicated app, available for download from the Google Play or Apple App Store.

♡ Lightweight and Rechargeable: Experience convenience with the dental camera's lightweight design and built-in rechargeable battery, providing up to 3.5 hours of usage. The system maintains a safe operating temperature for delicate areas of the body.

♡ IP-67 Water Resistance: The camera boasts IP67 protection, allowing for easy disinfection with alcohol. Its waterproof body ensures durability and reliability.

♡ Track and Monitor Your Oral Health: Easily prevent dental issues such as cavities, decay, wisdom teeth problems, ulcers, periodontal conditions, and teeth whitening with this user-friendly camera.

♡ Versatile Applications: The camera serves a wide range of purposes, including checking scalp conditions like pustules and dandruff, assessing oral health issues like cavities, ulcers, and periodontal concerns, examining skin redness and mites, and identifying breakdowns in precision instrument parts.

Unlock the power of the Lukirch Intraoral Camera, offering exceptional features to enhance your dental care and expand its applications to various areas of health assessment.

wifi wireless dental intraoral hd camera



The oral camera has versatile applications, making it suitable for various areas:

Scalp: It can be used to address scalp issues such as dandruff and other related problems.
Mouth: The camera helps diagnose conditions like caries, cavities, and other oral health concerns.
Skin Surface: It is effective in identifying skin redness, mites, and other skin-related problems.
Precision Parts: The camera can assist in detecting breakdowns in precision instrument parts.

With its wide range of uses, the oral camera proves valuable in addressing different concerns across the scalp, nose, mouth, skin surface, and precision parts.





FDA Cleared
FDA Approved, Advance Oral Technology

Lukirch oral camera ensures the highest level of mouth protection with its rigorous safety certifications. Enjoy the benefits of effective and safe oral health care, providing you with complete peace of mind.

Dental Intraoral Camera
Achieve clear visibility of the oral cavity through synchronous picture transmission.

Once connected to the product via WiFi, simply open the app to initiate real-time screen transmission. This allows you to conveniently monitor and observe the internal changes of the oral cavity whenever you desire.


Our Commitment to Oral Health

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Color: White/Green

Product Name: Oral Endoscope

Pixel: 100W

Simultaneous connection terminal: 1

Light source: 6 LED light sources

Focus range: 10mm-20mm

Interface:IOS and Android

Lens waterproof: IPX5

Shell material: ABS

Support system: for Android 4.2 and above, for iOS 8.0 and above

What come with the dental intraoral camera HD?

1. WiFi Intraoral Camera

2. USB charging cable

3. User Manual


dental wireless intraoral camera

1080P HD Intraoral Camera Dental Camera, 6 LED Light WiFi Oral Camera Endoscope, Photo Snap and Video Recording, Compatible with Android and IOS, for Adults Kids Pets FHD