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Wearable Equine Red & Infrared Light Therapy Device


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Led Red Light Therapy Belts for Horse

for prevent, maintain, and treat soft tissue injuries & Pain-relief 

Led Red Light Infrared Pet Muscle Strain Relaxation Recovery

Introducing Lukirch®, an exceptional line of affordable wraps for every horse enthusiast. Elevate your equine care routine with LED Light Therapy products, a must-have in every barn. Designed to prevent, maintain, and treat soft tissue injuries, these wraps may alleviate chronic conditions in horses. Our one-size neck wrap provides full coverage from the poll to withers, offering potential relief from arthritis pain, muscle soreness, tension, and even assisting with neck slimming. Invest in your horse's well-being with Lukirch®

Pet Horse Head Physiotherapy InstrumentKey Features:

New Red + Infrared Light Therapy Horse

Each light diode features a combination of 1 * 660nm and 2 * 850nm, ensuring a well-balanced blend for enhanced therapy effects on horses' bodies. With separate switch controls for 660nm and 850nm, you have the flexibility to activate them individually or simultaneously, allowing you to customize the light dosage according to your horse's specific needs. Experience targeted and effective light therapy with our advanced design.

10Hz Pulsed Red Therapy Wrap

 It has been discovered that when LED lights are pulsed, body tissue can heal more rapidly. Pulse function, increase power, instant 2-3 times power output.

26.3 x 22.4” Large Treatment Area

Revolutionize treatment times with our advanced design featuring a total of 490pcs 660nm red LED chips and 245pcs 850nm deep-penetrating infrared LED chips. This infrared light therapy system, embedded in a wearable 26.3" x 22.4" x 0.24" flexible belt, ensures efficient penetration into tissues. The belt consists of 245pcs 3-in-1 LED diodes, where each diode includes 2pcs 660nm chips and 1pcs 850nm chip. Experience powerful and targeted therapy in a compact, wearable form.

Auto shut-off timer(15 minutes)  

Our red light therapy device offers ultimate convenience with an automatic shut-off feature after just 15 minutes of use. Experience effective and time-efficient therapy without the need to monitor the duration—designed for your ease and safety.

Foldable, soft and comfortable use

Discover unparalleled comfort and versatility for your horses with our foldable red light therapy device. Crafted with soft materials, this device ensures a gentle and comfortable experience for your equine companions. Its foldable design adds convenience, making it easy to store and use wherever your horses need it. Prioritize their well-being with a therapy solution that is both soft and adaptable.   

Sweatproof Film Covering

The sweatproof film covering the LED lights ensures durability and easy cleaning, allowing you to focus on the therapy benefits without worrying about extensive upkeep. Prioritize convenience and hygiene in your wellness routine.


Red light therapy, also known as low-level laser therapy (LLLT) or photobiomodulation, is increasingly being used for pets to address various health concerns. Here are some potential benefits of red light therapy for pets:

Pain Relief: Red light therapy may help alleviate pain associated with arthritis, joint inflammation, or injuries in pets.

 Wound Healing: It has been suggested to promote faster healing of wounds and injuries by enhancing cellular repair and regeneration.

 Inflammation Reduction: Red light therapy may assist in reducing inflammation, making it beneficial for pets with inflammatory conditions.

 Improving Joint Health: (from osteoarthritis, or overuse injury that has led to cartilage degradation) Pets with conditions like hip dysplasia or other joint issues may experience relief and improved mobility with red light therapy.
 Skin Conditions: It could be beneficial for treating certain skin conditions in pets, such as hot spots or dermatitis.

 Stimulating Blood Circulation: Red light therapy may enhance blood circulation, potentially aiding in overall health and recovery.

 Connective tissue injuries (sprains and strains of ligaments and tendons)
 Muscle injuries (strains and tears) 

 Cartilage degradation (caused by osteoarthritis or overuse) 

 Muscle recovery from training 

 Neuropathy and neuropathic pain
How Does It Works?
➤ The Infrared Hoof Wraps incorporating Red Light Therapy aim to expedite and boost the healing process in your horse's hooves, pasterns, or hocks. Red Light Therapy, also known as Infrared light, Photobiomodulation, or photonic therapy, has been scientifically validated for its efficacy in addressing various equine health issues. It proves beneficial in treating chronic conditions like arthritis, navicular syndrome, and laminitis, as well as addressing sore muscles, wounds, tendon injuries, skin conditions such as hair loss, colic, and hoof abscesses. Moreover, this therapy contributes to improved immunity, diminished inflammation, and enhanced overall performance.
➤ Red Light Therapy (RLT) is a method utilizing low-level wavelengths of light for addressing a diverse array of issues. The widespread adoption and acclaim of RLT stem from its significant healing potential. Many medical professionals, both human and veterinary, globally endorse it as a safe and effective approach for treating a wide spectrum of health conditions in both people and animals.
➤ Red Light Therapy treatment employs low-level red light within the 600-850nm wavelength range, penetrating the skin directly. These specific wavelengths can convert into cellular energy, initiating a surge in adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production. This boost in energy benefits cells, alongside the stimulation of collagen production. Notably, Red Light Therapy influences all layers of the skin and can reach various anatomical structures such as blood vessels, lymph vessels, nerves, hair follicles, and soft tissues. The extent of impact depends on the specific body part where the red light is directed on the animal.

Pet Horse Head Physiotherapy Instrument Led Red Light Infrared Pet Muscle Strain Relaxation RecoverySpecification:


 Light source: LED

 LED number: 240PCS 0.5W

 Actual power: 65W +/- 5%

 Wavelength: 660nm:850nm=1:2   (Each led diode has 3 chips )

 Material: SBR

 Timer: 15 Min.

 Charging Port: Type-C

 Pulse: 10 Hz

 Beam angle: 120 degree

 Irradiance : 0 cm :120.5mW / c㎡

 Gross weight: 3.0kgs

 Size: 26.3*22.4*0.2 inch

The Package Includes:

 1 *  Light Therapy Device

 1 *  Adapter

 1 *  USB Wire (for Power bank) 

 1 *  Instruction 

Please note before purchasing: 

Before making a purchase, kindly review both the size chart provided for this product and the illustration featuring the horse model. Given the varying sizes of horses, some customers might perceive the product as small for their specific horse. We highly recommend a thorough examination of the product dimensions. Your careful consideration in this regard will contribute to a satisfactory purchase experience.

red light therapy device for horse head neck



Wearable Equine Red & Infrared Light Therapy Device