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RF Beauty Instrument Home Facial Instruments, EMS Microcurrent Photon Lifting


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2023 RF EMS – Facial radiofrequency Beauty Machine
RF Facial Lifting Machine High Frequency Vibration Massager Ion Deep Cleaning Device Heating Therapy Care Tools.
RF EMS – Facial radiofrequency

Introducing our Wrinkle Reduction Device, a cutting-edge RF and EMS Multifunction Facial Massager designed to revolutionize your skincare routine. This High Frequency LED Skin Care Beauty Device offers a comprehensive solution for skin rejuvenation, anti-aging, skin tightening, face lifting, and face cleansing. Elevate your beauty regimen and unlock radiant, youthful skin with this all-in-one powerhouse. Experience the ultimate transformation in skincare with our Wrinkle Reduction Device.


RF Beauty Instrument Home Facial InstrumentsKey Features:

❤︎ The world's first independently movable electrode RF meter, perfectly conforming to the contours of your face for an exceptional skincare experience;

❤︎ Crafted from 326 medical-grade stainless steel, our device accelerates RF dermal heating. The inclusion of liquid silicone provides excellent insulation for heat retention. In just one second, you can achieve a skin temperature of 42 degrees with the help of its three adjustable settings;

❤︎ EMS Micro-current/RF Radio Frequency:RF delivers rapid heating for fast results, while our specially designed EMS Micro-current ensures a comfortable sensation and minimizes any stinging discomfort;

❤︎ RF mode (RF):In RF mode (Radio Frequency), high-frequency current generates heat in the dermal layer, stimulating collagen production and facilitating the dissolution and reconstruction of certain cells. This results in firmer skin, facial slimming, and improved skin elasticity;

❤︎ EMS mode (EMS): In EMS mode (Electrical Muscle Stimulation), the device emits pulse electric currents through its machine head during regular operation. This electric pulse stimulation targets muscles, leading to contractions in the skin and subcutaneous tissue. This process enhances blood circulation and metabolism, resulting in firmer skin and improved facial contours;

❤︎ LED light wave irradiation (Red/Blue/Green Light) : This technology stimulates skin metabolism by utilizing different colors and wavelengths of light. It activates cells and enhances overall skin health.

  • Red Light (640±5nm): Penetrates deeply, smooths wrinkles, nourishes the skin, stimulates collagen synthesis, and brightens skin tone.
  • Blue Light (423±5nm): Provides deep cleaning, reduces inflammation, sterilizes, controls facial oil, tightens pores, and treats acne.
  • Green Light (531±3nm): Addresses skin dullness and looseness, enhances facial radiance, promotes skin whitening, and reduces dark spots.

❤︎ Four electrodes: Enjoy the flexibility of four freely switchable electrodes, significantly expanding the skin area that benefits from the treatment. (Note: Most RF beauty machines typically feature only two electrodes;

❤︎ Multiple modes: Multiple modes can be simultaneously activated (RF+EMS+Red/Blue/Green Light can cooperate simultaneously to enhance the user's sense of touch);

❤︎ Rechargeable: Rechargeable for your convenience, it boasts a 2400mAh battery capacity for extended standby times;

❤︎ IP67 Waterproof: Featuring an IP67 waterproof design, it's effortless to clean and opens up new usage scenarios, including during bathing.


EMS Home Radio Frequency Facial Beauty Instrument



5 Hardcore Upgrades:

❤︎ Efficiently cleanses makeup from deep within pores

❤︎ Experience deep hydration for just 6 minutes a day to achieve a well-hydrated complexion

❤︎ Enhanced EMS for a more effective and illuminated lifting experience

❤︎ 3 Major modes choose to rejuvenate and reshape your skin, effectively combating signs of aging

❤︎ Full set of 30 minutes, mode can be divided (single or together) 




Elevate your skincare routine with our EMS Home Radio Frequency Facial Beauty Instrument. Harness the power of LED Color Light Therapy, High Frequency Vibration, and EMS technology to firm your skin, reduce wrinkles, and indulge in a rejuvenating facial massage


Face Massager Home Beauty Instrument



 LED light care
Red light desalination, Blue light sterilization, Green light whitening 

Ems Micro current Color Light Export and Skin Rejuvenation

A versatile multi-function devices 

Skin Rejuvenation
Ems v shape face lifting

Our Commitment to Oral Health

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Material: ABS+PC+Silicone+Metal

Temperature: 41-43°C(±0.5°C)

Rated power: 7.5W

Battery capacity: 2400mAh

RF: 1MHz(100V)

EMS Micro current: 700Hz(20-30V)

VR Vibration: 1030 flat motor

LED phototherapy: red light, green light, blue light

What is included ?

1. Radio Frequency Massager

2. USB Charging Cable

3. User Manual



multi-functional facial skin lifting-massager

RF Beauty Instrument Home Facial Instruments, EMS Microcurrent Photon Lifting