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Blue Light Therapy Lamp 450nm 36W


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24w blue light therapy lamp for jaundice, acne


Blue Light Therapy Lamp for Jaundice, Acne, scar and Whelk, Growth of Plants Veg.

* Jaundice

blue therapy lamp for jaundice

Blue light therapy is normal and common method for neonatal physiological jaundice in the hospital. Bilirubin mainly absorbs visible light between 400 nm and 500 nm, which is the strongest for light absorption at 420-490 nm. This color of light on the baby less damage, more easily by the skin surface of bilirubin to receive, through the role of light and oxygen, the fat-soluble bilirubin into water-soluble bilirubin, so that deposited in the skin of jaundice as soon as possible through the stool out of the body.

This product uses the latest LED light source technology, no radiation, no poison, no UV, high light efficiency, precision wavelength. LED is a cold light source, does not produce heat transfer, so do not worry about as sun hot for the baby. This product is fixed with a clip, easy to install, can be adjusted up and down the angle of exposure.

This lamp is widely used in personal home, clinics, hospitals, etc., to help newborns to get rid of the Physiological jaundice damage and bring health.

How to use if for Jaundice?

01. Take off your baby's clothes, put on the anti-Blu-ray eye mask that is delivered, and the eye mask has a sticky buckle to fix it. Adjust the adhesive buckle properly to prevent over tightening.

02, put on the baby anti-Blu-ray diaper, the top of the diaper is best to cover the baby's navel. After the blue light can be replaced with the usual diaper.

03, find a suitable location, such as bedside, table side, etc., use the clip of the blue light to clamp, the lamp is aimed at the baby, turn on the power, adjust the illumination distance and angle, so that the light can cover the baby. It is recommended to take three or four hours of light each time and take it twice a day.


01.Try to remove the light from the baby when the baby is asleep, but be sure to bring the eye mask and diaper to protect the eyes and genitals. Adults should avoid long-term naked-sighted lamps if they are accompanied, simply wear eye masks, sunglasses or cover them with black cloth.

02. Fix the lamp, the light is facing the baby, the lamp is placed about 50 cm away from the baby, the phototherapy time can be adjusted by itself, to ensure 1-2 times a day, try to ensure 3-4 hours at a time, and ensure that the whole day is more than 6 hours. In the middle can change the baby's body position to achieve full body irradiation, continuous measurement 4-5 days can be measured once.

03. When you use it, you don't need to make your home darken. The special coating of the lamp will filter out the damage to your baby. It is the same principle as the blue light of the hospital. Pay attention to the liquid during the irradiation. Feed the water and feed it. It is not advisable to give your baby a bath immediately, at least half an hour later.

* Acne and Whelk

Blue light therapy is a noninvasive treatment for acne that uses light to kill certain bacteria on the skin.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, light therapies “show great promise in treating acne,” with many people experiencing a significant improvement in their skin health after a number of sessions.

Blue light therapy can be used to treat acne that is already present on the skin or to controlTrusted Source the condition before an outbreak occurs.

blue therapy light for acne before and afterBlue light therapy may offer some benefits over alternative acne treatments, as it is considered:
  • safe and gentle
  • painless
  • drug-free
  • appropriate for all areas of the body
  • suitable for use with most other acne therapies

Unlike photodynamic therapy, there is no requirement to avoid the sun following treatment. Blue light therapy does not cause any scarring.


A number of other conditions can be treated with blue light therapy, including:

  • skin cancer
  • skin problems
  • mood disorders
  • sleep disorders


What else can I do with this device?

Except for acne and jaundice treatment, our 450nm blue light also suitable for vegetables leaf growth and fish tank use as "LED Aquarium Light Bulb"



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lukirch 24w blue led light therapy lamp 450nm wavelength for acne and jaundice

Blue Light Therapy Lamp 450nm 36W