Located in beautiful Mississauga, Ontario, Lukirch is a leader in health solutions and We will continue to pay attention to your health and devote ourselves to providing high-quality and reliable products to protect your health.

With the continuous deterioration of eco-environment, the “superbugs” were emerging constantly, which infringes our health seriously. So the quest for killing bacteria effectively and protecting our health well was founded by Lukirch over 20 years ago. Our decades of experience in research and innovation replicate the benefits of UVC sanitizer for drug-free alternatives to common stubborn healthy problems.

Now, Lukirch develop the therapy light with genuine full spectrum, uv-free led,  bring the “sunshine” inside to relieve the winter blues, jet lag, shift work, seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and sunlight deprivation.

"Luki-rch" means Lucky and Rich. It is our best wish for you that all of you have a lucky and rich life. Lukrich products will be good for you, your family and the environment.

To bring health, empowerment, inspiration and innovation to every individuals to be the best version of themselves.

We believe in doing more than what may be asked—to lead with insight and vision that bring advanced health technology to every home.   

vision of lukirch