the high heels are using the uv shoe sanitizer

A large amount of bacteria adheres to foot

causing beriberi, athlete's foot, tinea unguium and other disease 
Sweat and heat in shoes, warm and moist
develop a perfect breeding ground for the microbes

Poor physiological defense between toes and the soles of foot
Plus foot keratoprotein is a rich nutrient for bacteria
Thereby promoting bacterial growth
Leading to diseases such as beriberi, athlete's foot, tinea unguium

Large number of microbes multiply, decompose keratoprotein
together with action of lactic acid and carbamide
shoes and toes give off rich foul odour

multi-functional UVC germicidal lamps
Emit 254nm ultraviolet ray
Irradiate a series of microorganism like bacteria, germs
Destroy molecular structure in bacterial cells
Cause molecular breakage, rupture of nucleic acids and proteins
Kill cell ,achieves physical sterilization
safe and efficient, also drying wet shoes
Keep shoes stay dry, prevent beriberi

Sterilization is not just for shoes
also be widely applied to various scenes in the home life
Sterilize, remove odor, kill mites, healthy life begins from now

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