Oxford Dictionary has announced that "toxic" has been chosen as its annual "Word of the Year", arguing that it was "the sheer scope of its application that has made it the standout choice".

Every year, the Oxford Dictionaries team debates over a selection of candidates, choosing the one that best captures the ethos, mood, or preoccupations of that particular year. Defined as ‘poisonous’ and with its origins in Greek (toxikon pharmakon, meaning ‘poison for arrows’), “toxic” has become a descriptor for the year’s most talked about topics.

But you should pay more attention on your “Toxic” shoes:

Do your notice a musty scent wafting up every time you take off your shoes? Are you becoming self conscious about taking off your shoes at a friends house because you are worried about releasing a somewhat pungent odor? Well then, you are probably suffering from stinky feet.

Don't worry, though. You aren't alone. In fact, stinky feet is a common problem many people have. This is because each foot contains roughly 250,000 sweat glands capable of producing as much as half a pint of sweat each day. Now, consider that most people wear shoes for periods in excess of 10 hours a day, without ever taking their feet out for a breather, and it is a wonder even more people aren't dealing with odorous feet.

According to researchers, it isn't actually sweat that causes the smell, but rather bacteria that lives on the skin, or in the shoes if not maintained properly. As the bacteria eats the sweat, it produces odor-causing isovaleric acid. Luckily, there are a few simple things you can do to cut back or completely eliminate offensive foot odor.

First, always wear breathable shoes. The more a shoe breathes, the harder it will be for bacteria to thrive inside of it. Certain materials, such as leather and suede, are notorious for trapping sweat and moisture. Look for shoes with a lot of mesh to allow for proper ventilation. Materials like cotton and canvas are a good choice, too, as they are extremely breathable.

Second, make sure you completely dry your feet before donning your socks and shoes. Putting on a dash of powder is also helpful. This next bit may seem obvious, but always wear clean socks. And no, turning them inside out doesn't make them clean.

Last, always make sure to properly sanitize your shoes. The best method of doing this is by using a UV sanitizer. 


Care for your feet, Care for your family!

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